Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
TOT Program
International Conference on Renewable Energy Potential For Sustainable Initiatives ( REPSI ) February 08-09, 2018
Turkish Delegates Visited BVCOE on April 2, 2018
One Week short Term Course On " Power System Restructuring and Renewable Energy Integration" July 16-20, 2018
National Seminar on Renewable Energy Potential and Status in India, Nov 09, 2016
2nd International Conference On Renewable Energy Potential for Sustainable Initiatives ( REPSI 2020)

About Us

Faculty is highly qualified, dedicated and always willing to work for continuous improvement and growth of students. Faculty is student centered. As the admission process is merit based so high rank holding students prefer to take admission in the EEE department. We have a strong desire among both faculty and administration for graduate education to be a growth area and a central institutional activity. Discipline in the department is excellent. Many internship programs and diversity of learning programs are held for students. Faculty is research oriented and thereby always encourages students to contribute in research work. Many learning programs for non-teaching staff are initiated and successfully accomplished. College Management encourages faculty members for higher studies by providing the facility of study leaves and ODs. Result of students of EEE Department is always up to the mark. Industrial interaction of students is wonderful and many industrial projects are also going on. Great Academic Support Programs like mentoring students.







To gain and bestow the value based contemporary education in a teaching-learning environment, so as to excel in the Electrical and Electronics Engineering domain, to produce graduates who can contribute positively towards the society.

















M1: Technical Education- To produce technically competent graduates with the ability to understand and analyze electrical and electronics engineering concepts.

M2: Teaching-Learning environment- To develop and sustain a multidisciplinary teaching-learning environment through committed faculty in collaboration with academicians, industry and government agencies.

M3: Social Responsibility- To produce graduates with a professional outlook who can interact responsibly as a conscious unit of the society.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO1: Skill set- Graduates will have the required knowledge along with the necessary skill set to get absorbed into a relevant sectors.

PEO2: Rational approach- Graduates will develop a rational thinking to solve problems individually and upgrade themselves by pursuing higher education to enhance their professional skills.

PEO3: Ethical Thinking- Graduates will understand their social responsibility and work in diversified environment to practice their engineering profession.